How Akron Manufacturers Produce Asphalt for Local Paving Companies

Akron, known for its thriving manufacturing industry, plays a significant role in producing asphalt for local paving companies. Akron manufacturers begin by carefully selecting aggregates, which are the crushed stone, sand, and gravel used as the primary components of asphalt. The quality and composition of aggregates greatly influence the final product’s durability and performance.

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Once the aggregates are ready, they are combined with a binder called bitumen to create asphalt. The mixing process takes place in specialized facilities equipped with large drums or mixers. The aggregates are heated to a specific temperature and then mixed with bitumen to form a homogenous mixture. This ensures that the aggregates are well-coated and evenly distributed, resulting in a high-quality asphalt product.

Quality control is crucial in the asphalt production process. Akron manufacturers have rigorous quality control measures in place to ensure the asphalt meets industry standards and specifications. The company takes samples regularly from the production line and tests for various parameters such as temperature, density, viscosity, and composition. This ensures that the asphalt produced is of consistent quality and suitable for paving applications.

Once the asphalt is produced and passes quality control checks, it is loaded into trucks for delivery to local paving companies. Akron manufacturers work closely with these companies to coordinate timely deliveries and meet their specific requirements. The asphalt is transported in temperature-controlled trucks to maintain its workability and quality.

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