The Environmental Effect of Recycling Steel

Most people don’t know that steel is one of the most recycled materials on earth, but the truth is that it’s still a huge cause of pollution. This Youtube video explains exactly what happens at a metal salvage company with steel and why it continues to be a problem. Let’s find out more!

Did you know steel gets recycled more often than plastic, glass, and copper? During the process, steel has to be melted down and reused for several purposes. The problem is that steel is still a major source of pollution in our world.

Video Source

For most people, that doesn’t make sense, as it can be reused. Unfortunately, most new steel doesn’t come from recycled material.

Tons of steel from scraps of fridges, old cars, bed springs, etc., arrive at recycling companies such as the Australian one shown in the video. The melting process of these materials is even greener because it doesn’t use as much energy as making new steel does. The problem is that only a third of the new steel created each year comes from scraps. The rest is mined from iron ore.

You can check the rest of the video for more details about what happens in a metal salvage company.


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