An Office Seating Tier List

There is no question that office seating is something that everyone cares about. They have to spend a considerable amount of time seated in the chairs that are provided to them by their employers, and that is why they care as much as they do about what kind of seating options will be offered to them. This is why some creating a tier list of office seating.

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At the lowest end of the tier list are seats that are extremely cheap and uncomfortable. For example, they may not have a backing to them at all, and they may have little to no cushioning on the seat as well. These are the types of things that make a big difference in the comfort levels that one is able to enjoy. That is an important thing to keep an eye on as you look at the types of seating that you want to provide to your workers to use.

At the top of the chair are seats that are far more expensive, but they also feature a lot more cushioning and even special features such as the ability to easily adjust the height of the chair when necessary.


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