Claiming Refunds and Credits From Major Shipping Companies

While shipping is a revolutionary and quick method of transporting goods, letters, and other valuables, it is not a system without its hiccups. Due to the risk of a package getting lost or damaged in transport, most companies will offer a money-back guarantee or credit an account in this event. Many customers, however, let these money-back opportunities slip through their fingers simply because they do not know how to make sure they are receiving what they are entitled to. Whether you are a commercial business or a residential address, here are the best ways to make sure you get a refund or credit if your parcel shipping goes wrong

1. Understand Your Money-Back Waiver

Understanding your UPS or FedEx money back guarantee is the first step in avoiding missed credit opportunities. New carrier agreements may include a waiver on this previously guaranteed service, so be sure to read through any new agreement you sign.

2. Avoid Routine Payments

Scheduled invoice payments are essentially the customer saying they are agreeing to pay whatever amount gets charged to their card. If you deserve a refund or credit, it might be too late if your credit payment or electronic funds transfer was already processed.

3. Demand an Origin Scan

When a driver leaves a UPS or FedEx facility they should scan the parcel to start the tracking process. If this scan isn’t done, the delivery schedule has more leeway, and therefore it may be more likely that your package is delivered late. You will then have to issue a UPS refund or FedEx credit.

4. Know the Exclusions

There are certain issues that won’t allow you access to your guaranteed service refund when shipping directly through the companies. Parcel shipping refunds must be claimed within a certain amount of time from the invoice date and certain items aren’t eligible for this refund.

Ship with AFMS to receive the best customer service, pricing, and care for your parcel. Even though everything is done to avoid late or missing and damaged packages, some things are out of the control of the shipping company. That is why if this does happen, AFMS will handle shipping charge corrections, invoice credits, and returns on your behalf. According to AmeriComerce, in the United States, there is over $2 billion worth of unclaimed refunds and credits each year. Give AFMS a call today and learn what you can do to get the credit you deserve!

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