Should You Buy or Rent a Crane?

Contractors working frequently on large construction sites often make the mistake of buying a crane for their operations instead of renting one. However, the opposite is true. This video from Philadelphia Recycling Services clears up some misconceptions about crane rentals.

Because cranes are such massive pieces of equipment that move heavy materials, many believe buying one will add to their company’s value.

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Yet, a crane purchase comes with several hidden expenses that owners don’t expect. When you buy a crane, you must hire an operator with an additional salary. Cranes can sustain damage during ordinary operations and will eventually need maintenance. You’ll need to pay for both. When not in use, you must find somewhat to store this enormous piece of equipment. If you don’t have a building large enough to accommodate it, you’ll incur storage costs.

On the other hand, crane rentals make everything easy. The operator comes with the rental, included as part of the price. The company supplying the crane also maintains it, so you won’t be responsible for finding and paying someone to remain it. Your company will only have the crane for as long as your company needs it. The rental company will deliver and take it away when the job finishes.

To learn more about crane rentals, reach out to your local heavy machinery company. They will help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each option. Good luck!

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